Kraichgau-Stromberg: Hiking

Eppingen Alte Universität

The Ancient Defence Line of Eppingen

Hike through history!
In the 17 th century the French king Ludwig XIV. eagerly stretched out his hands after the land of Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm of Baden. For that reason he had a defence wall built with trenches and palisades stretching from Neckargemünd to Weissenstein – the defence line of Eppingen.

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Sternenfels Schlossbergturm

All around Kürnbach, Oberderdingen und Sternenfels

Up and down through the land of grapes
The time travel starts right at the beginning of the tour: from the historical wine town of Kürnbach with its beautiful half-timbered houses, wine press and moated castle the tour leads you through vineyards to the likewise historical Oberderdingen.
The tour continues along Bernhardsweiher and through the woods heading for Sternenfels. Don't miss the legendary view from the lookout of the Schlossbergturm!

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Neckarbischofsheim Torbogen Schloss

From Waibstadt to Neidenstein

Bound for the fountains' region
Waibstadt forms the centre of the northern Kraichgau on the transition to the southern Odenwald. Effervescent trick fountains accompany the tour - which is hardly surprising. After all, the region is also known as   fountains' region.

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Sinsheim Burg Steinsberg

Bound for Steinsberg Castle in Sinsheim

The Compass of the Kraichgau
If you approach Sinsheim on the motorway, two things bccome immediately visible: the Auto & Technik Museum with the Air France Concorde and the Rhein-Neckar-Arena, the stadium and home of football club 1899 Hoffenheim. What you may only notice at a second glance is that this is a wonderful region for hiking e.g. to Steinsberg Castle with its octagonal donjon which is actually the only one north of the Alps.

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Kraichtaler Weinberge

From Oberöwisheim to Unteröwisheim

The hills of Kraichtal
The city of Kraichtal with its nine boroughs nestled in the picturesque landscape, lies amidst the hills of the Kraichgau.The protected areas are habitats for numerous animals and plants threatened with extinction.
Of common interest is the upkeep of the Kraichgau landscape with its hollow ways, arid grasslands and meadows along the streams as well as the mixed orchards.

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Bretten am Marktplatz

Southern Round Trail Bretten

Between Kraichgau and Stromberg
Bretten, the city of Melanchton's birthplace, has got lots more to offer than just an old city centre. The round trail takes you through silent woods and to places offering magnificent views stretching to the Pfalz and Odenwald. In Ruit you cross the idyllic Salzach, before returning to the starting point through the “Burgwälde“.

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Maulbronn See

All Around Maulbronn – The Museum Trail

The Museum Trail
The Maulbronn Monestary was already founded in 1147 as is an impressive document of Cistercian culture. Added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Monuments, Maulbronn is regarded as the biggest and best preserved monastery north of the Alps.

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Mühlacker Enzschleife

Between Vaihingen and Mühlacker

The River Bends of the Enz Tour
In the south the Stromberg is bordered by the Enz Valley. While in the Stromberg the soft and round landscapes of the Keuper Uplands prevail, the Enz valley between Mühlacker and Vaihingen is a rather cliffy valley that is cut into the Muschelkalk rocks. Don't miss to have a look at this creative act of natural power and sunlit rocks. 

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Brackenheim Wandergruppe

Between Neipperg and Haberschlacht

Small Wine Towns and big History
This hike with a scenic view over the boroughs Neipperg, Stockheim and Haberschlacht leads you through the vineyards near Brackenheim. Lovers of Wuerttemberg's wines certainly know these sites – Haberschlachter Dachsberg, Neipperger Steingrube and Stockheimer Altenberg.
History lovers certainly know that the first president of the German Federal Republik Theodor Heuss was born in Brackenheim.

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Bönnigheim Wengerthäusle

Bönnigheim – Through King Frederick's Hunting Grounds

Wine, Wood, Views
Wine, views and romantic passages through the woods characterise this wonderful round trail. If you are seeking adventure, then why not getting your kicks in the adventure park Tripsdrill? If you are culturally interested, why not visiting Bönnigheim or the Michaelsberg? So, this tour meets everyone's tastes.

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Besigheim Felsengärten

Besigheim - Neckar, Wine and Rock Gardens

River Bends and Views
This interesting round trail has got lots to offer – the flair of medieval times in Besigheim with its two rivers, wide-stretching vineyards, marvellous views and a bizarre rocky landscape. Three additional routes provide variety and also different levels of difficulty.
At the end of the tour take the time to enjoy the picturesque ancient city centre of Besigheim to linger there for a while.

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Bietigheim-Bissingen - On the Trail of Water

Fountains, Springs and Streams of Water
Bietigheim-Bissingen – city of water and flowers! Especially the latter ones do not only decorate ancient town houses but the whole scenery. The surroundings of Bietigheim offer fantastic views over gently rolling hills. After many ups and downs on the way you will reach the panoramic walk that leads you back into the ancient city centre.

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Malsch Letzenberg Kapelle

Wine trail Malsch

All around the Letzenberg
What happened in Malsch in the Easter week of 1525 was one of the most important events during the Peasants' War – when the peasants gathered for riots on the Letzenberg. That was long time ago.
Today peaceful hiking trails lead to the Letzenberg. 

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Bad Schönborn Walking in der Natur

Bad Schönborn - Östringen: Hike and Relax

Within gently rolling hills on the edge of the Kraigau lies Bad Schönborn, which is actually a fusion of the former health resorts Bad Mingolsheim and Bad Langenbrücken. Of special importance for Bad Schönborn are the sulphur, thermal and thermal salt springs. According to to legend, a sheperd once discovered Bad Schönborn's first spring.  

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Sulzfeld Ravensburg

Sulzfeld - All around the Ravensburg

Enjoy Wine and Panorama
As a wine-growing town Sulzfeld is known far beyond the Kraichgau. The history of the town is closely related to the Ravensburg.
This is also why the hiking trail is named “Round trail to the Ravensburg“

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Bruchsal Michaelsberg

Bruchsal - All around the Michaelsberg

Panoramic View
The Michael's Chapel is built on the historically important Michaelsberg located on the western edge of the Kraichgau and is already visible from a distance. It offers an impressive view over the Rhine Valley to the Palatine mountains and the Black Forest. Impressive as well is the nature paradise of this mystic mountain that has been populated since the Stone Age.

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Knittlingen Weinberge

Knittlingen - Panoramic Round Trail

Experience Nature and History
Knittlingen's most famous citizen was Georg Johann Faust, a wandering magician, alchemist and fortune teller. Today Knittlingen owns a substantial archive about Faust as well as a museum.

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