Theme-based hiking trails in the Kraichgau-Stromberg

Rich in Themes! 
Without any exaggeration : This land provides just as many destinations as there are grapes in the vineyards! There is yet another attracting destination every day. Let the most beautiful theme trails take you away to art & culture, history & enjoyment.

Weinplateau in Oberderdingen am Derdinger Horn

1. Barefoot trail Kohlplattenwald in Ötisheim – 1,4 km/20 Stations

Starting Point:
“Naturfreundehaus“ in Ötisheim. You walk on bark mulch, moss, pebbles, sand and mud to regain a feeling for nature. Opening times: May 1 st to Oct. 31 St , 07.00 h a.m. - 09.00 h p.m.

13. Museum Trail all around Maulbronn – 8,1 km/5 Stations

Starting Point:
Maulbronn Monestary. After visting the monestary museum, the round trail leads you to the “Steinhauerstube“ - the village museum in Schmie. Then walk past the nature protection area “Rossweiher“ to reach the museum on the “Schafhof“.
At the natural outdoor pool “Tiefer See“ the trail leads you back to Maulbronn Monestary. Signpost symbols on this trail are monk and donkey.


2.“On the trail of Benno Bauer“, Agricultural Adventure Trail Brackenheim – 4,8 km/17 Stations

Starting Point:
School and sport centre Brackenheim (Hirnerweg). The information boards with a trivia game provide lots of interesting facts about agriculture in this region – especially for families.

14. Nature Adventure Trail Neipperg – 4,5 km/ 30 Stations

Starting Point:
Town centre of Neipperg on the “Kelterplatz“ (wine press square). The nature trail gives insight in nature, culture and the exciting history of the village. Signpost symbol on this tour is a squirrel.


3. Nature and Adventure trail Ubstadt-Weiher Ortsteil Zeutern – 4 km/18 Stations

Starting Point:
Parking area at the cemetery in Zeutern, the
nature trail starts on the right side. Let it take you away to the Ice Age, where hollow ways were formed, to the inhabitants of hollow ways and the versatile surrounding landscapes.
To make sure there is lots to discover even for the little ones, Dani Dachs (symbol is a badger) is your constant companion with lots of tips and an easy trivia game. Difference in altitude: apprx. 75 m, walking time apprx. 2 hours.

15. Nature and Wine Trail on the Zweifelberg, Brackenheim – 2 km

Starting Point:
Forest parking area in Brackenheim's borough Neipperg. Nature trail with a magnificent panoramic view over the Zabergäu. The whole trail is completely paved.
Walking time apprx. 60 minutes, difference in altitude: 110 m, information boards on wine and flora and fauna.


4. Eppingen's Half-Timbering Trail – 9 Stations

Starting Point:
Train station Eppingen. The footpath between train station and ancient city centre turns out to be the entrance gate into historical Eppingen. The different stations explain half-timbered elements as well as its functions and technical details.
The originals of “Wilder Mann“, “Eckständer“ and “Alemannisches Weible“ can be found on the facades of half-timbered houses in Eppingen, along with information on which house the respective original element can be found.

16. Educational Adventure Trail in Walzbachtal – 13 Stations

Starting Point:
Forest and Adventure playground Fraueneich. 13 Stations of this interactive trail promise excitement and the forest and adventure playground with barbeque area is waiting to be explored.
The municipal administration also offers special explorers backpacks for hire at tel.: 07203/8811


5. Eppingen's Ancient Line of Defence – 40 km/18 Stations

Starting Point:
Eppingen, hiker's parking area near the stadium or in opposite direction: Mühlacker, train station. Along the continously signposted trail through the Nature Park Stromberg-Heuchelberg there are 18 information boards providing details on the history and construction of Eppingen's line of defence which was built as defence line against the French in 1695 under Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden, who was also known as “Türkenlouis.“
The symbol of this hike trail is a Chartaque (watch tower).

17. Sand Peasants' Trail all around Sternenfels – 5 km

Starting Point:
KOMM-IN service centre on Maulbronner Straße. Easy trail providing lots of cultural and historical information. Length: 5 km, walking time: 1,5 hours, difference in altitude: apprx. 80 m.

Wanderun in den Weinbergen

6. Eppingen's Forest Experience Trail – 3 km/13 Stations

Starting Point:
Jägersee Eppingen. Interactive forest experience trail with 13 stations that take you away into the fascinating forest habitat – from B as for barefoot path to M as for musical forest.

18. Sandstone Trail Mühlbach – 17 Stations

Mühlbach's sandstone trail starts on the town hall square with an information board about the trail. The trail continues along columns with sandstone balls, the church, the vicarage and various information boards as well as to places displaying sandstone sculptures. You will also find a natural wall with a historical garden post.


7. Fishing Hike Trail Kraichgau – 10 or 20 km

Starting Point:
City railway stop Münzesheim. The round trail is signposted throughout the year (symbol fish). The trail leads you e.g. from Münzesheim, via Bretten-Büchig, to Gochsheim and finally back to Münzesheim.
The fishing ponds along the way belong to the traditional fishing clubs. Upon request catering is also possible there.

19. Waldensian Trail – 21 km

Starting Point:
Oberderdingen, borough Großvillars. The Waldensian Trail is one of the historical and cultural hike trails in the Nature Park Stromberg-Heuchelberg and tells the story of the Waldensians and the Huguenots, who had been deprived of their homes in France by Louis XIV. The signposted trail starts in Großvillars and leads you to the Waldensian Museum in Ötisheim-Schönenberg.


8. Raftsman Trail from Besigheim to Bissingen – 15 km/18 Stations

Starting Point:
Train station Besigheim. Along the Enz through scenic landscapes and interesting historical cities the raftsman trail leads you from the train station in Besigheim to Bissingen. With its information boards this idyllic theme trail documents the history of the raftsmen and the timber trade on the Enz between the 14 th and 19 th century.

20. Forest Adventure Trail Mühlberg in Waibstadt – 3 km

Starting Point:
Parking area Mühlbergweg. The round trail provides you with lots of information on special ecological characteristics: The water meadows of the Schwarzbach, linden avenue, orchid meadow (with 5 of the orchids existing in Germany) forest cultivation as well as climate protection.


9. Cultural and Historical Vineyard Landscape Geigersberg Ochsenbach – 2,7 km

Starting Point:
Parking area at the foot of the Geigersberg, opposite the cemetery of Ochsenbach. The Geigersberg near Ochsenbach is different in many ways to other vineyard slopes of the Stormberg. On this round trail visitors can marvel at the vineyard slopes, beautiful dry stone walls, a little quarry, numerous animals and plants as well   as a species garden in which all important grape varieties are presented.
More than 30 information boards provide you with interesting knowledge about the cultivation of vineyards of the last 150 years. The little hut of the vineyard keepers is overlooking Ochsenbach and the Kirbachtal and far beyond into the Neckar land.

21. Forest Adventure Trail Kürnbach – 4,29 km

Starting Point:
Near the forest adventure playground “Steinmetz“ with a large information board. Trail takes around 1 1/2 to 2 hours and on its 4 km there are 60 information boards providing knowledge about trees and plants, the age of trees, field names and boundary stones, bark beetles, gypsy moths and much more.

Ökoregio-Tour Streuobstwiese

10. Cultural Landscape Roßwag-Mühlhausen, Nature Protection Areas “Enzaue near Roßwag and Burghalde“ and “Roter Rain and Surroundings“ with Educational Trail about Wine – 5 km/31 Stations

Starting Point:
Parking area at the Enz bridge or at the “Backhäusle“ in Roßwag. 31 Information boards along the way convey information about the vineyard landscape as well as the natural landscape along the Enz bend in Roßwag and Mühlhausen.

22. Educational Wine Trail in Horrheim – 4,5 km

Starting Point:
Parking area at the “Genossenschaftskelter“ (Weinsteige)   or hikers' parking area at the Benzelriedweg / Hohenhaslacher Straße. The trail presents 40 different grape varieties which as well includes new-established sorts. The information boards convey knowledge about today's wine-growing . A hut, fire places and resting benches as well as a viewing platform invite you to linger.
Symbol for this trail: “Weinlehrpfad“.


11. Cultural and Educational Trail about Wine through the Klosterberg Maulbronn – 2 km/16 stations

Starting Point:
Maulbronn Monastery. Footpath around the Klosterberg north of the monastery. Wine has been grown here since the 12 th century.
16 information boards tell the story of the Klosterberg   and explain the particularities of wine-growing and interesting facts about mixed orchards.


23. Wine Plateau Oberderdingen

Starting Point:
“ Derdinger Horn“. The wine plateau provides information about the tradition of wine-growing in Oberderdingen, which is located in the Nature Park Stromberg-Heuchelberg. The educational trail conveys lots of knowledge about wine-growing, animals and plants as well as the geological particularities and is rounded off with a trivia game about grape varieties. The viewing platform offers a magnificient panoramic view. Start from here for a walk past the Bernhardsweiher or enjoy nature along the signposted “VitalParcours Walk & Wein“.


12. Bike and Hike Museum Trail Kraichgau (Sinsheim - Eppingen) – 25 km

Starting Point:
Municipal museum in the old town hall of Sinsheim or in opposite direction the “Steinhauermuseum“ (stonemasons' museum) in Eppingen-Mühlbach. This tour leads you through romantic villages with half-timbered houses, idyllic natural monuments, daunting castles and six historical museums which tell the story of the people and the Kraichgau. The trail has just a few ups and downs, is completely paved and large parts of the trail go along the Elsenz. The trail is not signposted.

24. Wine Hike Letzenberg in Malsch – 7 km

Starting Point:
“Katharinenkapelle“. The continously signposted wine hike on solid ground is suitable for any kind of weather and leads in two parts through the far-stretching vineyards of Malsch. Round trip I, apprx. is 3 km long and takes you through the western part of the region whereas round trip II, apprx. 4 km long leads through the eastern part of the region to the Letzenberg with pilgrim's chapel, which is on Sundays and holidays. There are many different information boards along the trail.