TherMarium Bad Schönborn

Bad Schönborn Thermarium

The TherMarium in Bad Schönborn offers cosmetic treatments, massages, whirlpool baths and lots more. The briny thermal water is not just healthy... it makes you beautiful as well. These all-inclusive offers will keep you fit...

Auto und Technik Museum Sinsheim

Auto und Technik Museum Sinsheim

Oldtimer, Formel-1-racers, transport vehicles and limousines let the eyes of both young and old aglow. The big planes like the Tupolev or Air France Concorde are ready for your visit inside the cockpit. All-inclusive offers  for the whole family...

Adventure Park Tripsdrill and Wildparadies

Erlebnispark Tripsdrill - Holzachterbahn Mammut

Tripsdrill offers more than 100 attractions for the whole family. There is pure excitement on the wooden roller coaster as well as on the maypole. Why not spending the night in a real tree house or in one of the rustic sheperd's weagons along with our all-inclusive offers... 


Baths and Lakes

Freizeitzentrum Hardtsee Ubstadt-Weiher

Family and Groups


Golf and Minigolf

Golf in Bruchsal

Zoos & Educational Trails

Wildparadies Tripsdrill

Barbecue Areas

Grillhütte Lehmgrube in Kraichtal-Bahnbrücken

Carriage Ride

Planwagenfahrt in Sachsenheim